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TRACE is the acronym for "Transmission in Rhetorics, Arts and Cultural Evolution".

TRACE is the name of a neuroanthropological research group based in Wuppertal, Germany. The research focus is on cultural evolution. Transmission means the transfer of cultural information units and their storage in biological memory systems.

TRACE develops cultural evolution theories and tests these theories through neuroscientific experiments. Its actual field of operation is neuroscientific memory research.

July 2024 (expected)
Cultural Evolution: The European Philosophy of Tribal Humanism, Heiner Mühlmann Info

April 2024
The TRACE publication series moves to the Barbara Budrich publishing house.

January 2024
"Can Germany defend itself? A cultural evolutionary perspective on the turning point." Nicolas Stojek in: Austrian Military Journal 01/2024, 12-23.

January 2024
"Rule Guided Behavior and Violence - A Cultural Evolutionary Strategy to Foster Peaceful Cultural Entities." Gabriel et. al. In: Military Strategy Magazine 9/2

October 2023
"A dream of a trauma? Discussion of Isabel Hull's use of the concept of trauma in relation to the Franco-Prussian War of 1870/71." Nicolas Stojek In: Portal Militärgeschichte (DOI)

August 2023
"The Golden Years in Afghanistan - A Chronology from 1956-1973." Nicolas Stojek In: The Defence Horizon Journal

ANFA conference 2023, San Diego USA,Talk "Subconscious cultural inclusion effects triggered by architectural design"

Italian translation of "Nature of Culture"."Natura delle culture" out now